About Spanish Reclaim

Spanish Reclaim was set up in 2015 specifically to handle the reclaim of overpaid Inheritance & Gift Tax in Spain. The firm was set up on the back of rulings by the European Court of Justice in 2014 allowing non-Spanish citizens to reclaim overpaid Inheritance and Gift Tax.About Spanish Reclaim

It has since expanded considerably and is now taking on hundreds of Ley 57/68 cases against banks for Spanish (and Moroccan) developers to reclaim money paid for properties that were not built.

Since 2016 Spanish Reclaim has been mainly involved in claims for property deposit refunds arising from these Spanish Supreme Court rulings from 2013 to 2015. These rulings ultimately led to the ability of those with deposits on incomplete properties in Spain to reclaim their funds from the financial institutions with whom these deposits were made.

Spanish Reclaim has three dedicated legal offices in Spain making reclaims; along with admin offices located in London in the UK and Dublin in Ireland – you can find full details on our Contact page. In total, the group has over 30 employees as well as more than a dozen solicitors and barristers working daily for clients in Spain. The group is fully legally registered and regulated in Spain, where the reclaim process takes place.

In the UK and Ireland the group is headed up by two highly regarded Independent Property Consultants (see below) of long standing in the industry and with a history of fighting for fairness in the largely unregulated overseas property industry.

About Spanish Reclaim

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