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Spanish Reclaim specialises in recovering your money from Spanish banks and the government. We have already recovered millions for our clients. If you want an expert with experience of hundreds of successful claims, then look no further.

Spanish Reclaim featured on RTE1’s recent ‘Burnt By The Sun’ documentary series. Click on the graphic for further details of the series.

Our areas of expertise are:                – 

Spanish Tax & Deposit Reclaim

Deposit Recovery – if you paid for a Spanish (or Moroccan) property you did not receive

Inheritance Tax Reclaim – overcharged Spanish Inheritance Tax

Gift Tax Reclaim – overcharged Spanish Gift Tax


Don’t delay if you feel you may be due a refund. Statute of Limitations restrictions apply – it is important to act quickly. The ability to reclaim finishes completely in October 2020.

Payment for our services is very flexible, including a ‘No Win, No Fee’ option with no upfront charges.

Visit our Apply Now page or call now on either of the numbers above for a free analysis of your right to claim a refund.

*** Deposit Recovery – Quick Start ***

If you wish to get started straight away simply send an email with Your Name in the Subject Line to either:

Spanish Reclaimspain@SpanishReclaim.com     or    Moroccan Reclaimmorocco@SpanishReclaim.com

Make sure to clear the applicable email address in your Spam Filter. These automated email addresses work 24/7 so you can get started right away. This will send you a questionnaire and request necessary documents to assess your case. If you want a FREE CALLBACK, just include your phone number on the email.

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