Sierra Golf, Procobar

Sierra Golf, Procobar

If you purchased a property in Murcia on Sierra Golf, Procobar being the developer, then you will wish to read this post. We currently have a number of cases underway against Banco de Valencia, who were used by Procobar to hold deposits from clients.Sierra Golf, Procobar

Banco de Valencia did not, as was required of it by law, provide bank guarantees to its clients. Spanish courts have found this practice to be unlawful and will uphold the right to a guarantee even if you have not received one. Banco de Valencia also failed in its duty to clients to protect their money from access by developer Procobar. The developer should only have been allowed access to transferred funds if the developer provided a licence of first occupation (LoFO) and presented the client with title deeds. The developer went under before this development was completed, but the money transferred to the Banco de Valencia accounts was accessed by the developer.

If you transferred funds to Banco de Valencia for the purchase of an off-plan property that was not completed then you have a claim against the bank to have those funds returned, with interest.

If you purchased your property through Atlas International, you may only have bank transfer information to the Atlas office in the UK or in Ireland. Atlas is one of the few agents still in operation. It has access to files from when Sierra Golf was sold and transfers that were made from it to Banco de Valencia. If you contact Atlas and ask for these details they will provide them to you.

If you are having trouble accessing your Atlas bank transfer documentation you can contact Mandy Richards –, who should be able to access any bank transfer documentation you require from the company.

Sierra Golf, Procobar

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