Requirements for Property Deposit Reclaim

Requirements for Property Deposit Reclaim

The following are the requirements for property deposit reclaim in Spain:Requirements for Property Deposit Reclaim

Criteria for qualification:

  • The property was not built
  • Title Deeds or Licence of ‘First Occupation’ (also called a ‘Habitation Licence’) were not issued
  • The contract must have been signed and deposit paid not more than 15 years before the date of lodging the claim, due to the Spanish statute of limitations.

Documentation Necessary:

  • Copy of the signed contract with the developer.
  • Copy of the transfer of the deposit payment (and any subsequent payments) to the developer’s financial institution (bank or caja) – take particular note of the date of this transfer, as it is the date which will govern whether your claim can be processed or not.
  • Copies of any judgements received against the developer or bank.

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Note: You need to keep original documents safe as they may be requested by the Spanish Authorities at short notice (although to date no original documents have been requested).

Requirements for Property Deposit Reclaim

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