Recover Money Sent to MRI (MacAnthony Realty International)

Recover Money Sent to MRI (MacAnthony Realty International)

If you ‘invested’ in property via Darragh MacAnthony’s former Marbella based company then you may will wish to know how you can recover money sent to MRI (MacAnthony Realty International), which went on to be known as MRI Overseas Property.Recover Money Sent to MRI (MacAnthony Realty International)

It is now possible to recover funds from bankers for MacAnthony’s former Spanish firm using Ley 57/68 (click on this link for information on Ley 57/68) on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Be careful, there are a number of ‘companies’ such as International Administration and Delta Litigation scamming previous clients of MRI, telling them that a fund has been set aside to refund former customers of MRI. You can find an article on such scam operators on Diarmaid Condon’s website. If the company is asking you to pay them money up front via untraceable moneygram operators such as Klik’n’Pay then you can take that as a pretty large red flag that they are operating a scam.

If, however, you do wish to legitimately recover your funds from Darragh MacAnthony’s bankers via a Ley 57/68 claim then this is the place to initiate just such a claim.

If you paid MRI for a property that subsequently was not delivered, even if it was not in Spain (MRI also sold in countries such as Bulgaria, Portugal, Cape Verde, Florida and Morocco – all of which are countries in which it left hundreds of incompleted units) then you may well be able to recover your funds plus interest from the time you deposited that money.

Recover Money Sent to MRI (MacAnthony Realty International) – Quick Start

If you wish to get started straight away simply send an email with Your Name in the Subject Line to either:

Spanish     or    Moroccan

Make sure to clear the applicable email address in your Spam Filter. These automated email addresses work 24/7 so you can get started right away. This will send you a questionnaire and request necessary documents to assess your case. Include your phone number if you would like us to call to discuss your case.

Recover Money Sent to MRI (MacAnthony Realty International)

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