Reclaim in Spain

Reclaim in Spain

If you are searching for ‘Reclaim in Spain’ the chances are you are looking to reclaim payments made for unbuilt off-plan property in Spain. If this is the case you have come to the right place. This is what we do – very successfully if we say so ourselves. In fact, has been responsible for the recovery of over €5m in payments for off-plan properties that never materialised over the past year. This is important information to have if you are considering an unbuilt Spanish property payment reclaim – the company needs to have a track record of making these claims. If you visit this post you will see a judgement achieved by our Spanish office against the DUJA Group (formerly Royal Marbella) in Marbella – three clients on this development have already received full refunds with interest and there are more than 30 clients currently in the system. Most likely all of these will receive full refunds in the coming months.

Reclaim in Spain (Twitter Hashtag #ReclaimInSpain) has been in the news regularly in relation to the recovery of funds from Spanish financial institutions. We, among others, have been interviewed extensively by the BBC, The Sunday Times and the Irish Times (you can find details of the Irish Times feature on Spanish payment reclaim here) in relation to this reclaim process.Reclaim in Spain

Here at Spanish Reclaim we work closely with our Spanish legal reclaims office to interface with clients in the UK and Ireland. These clients are looking to recover funds transferred to Spain for the purchase of off-plan property that was subsequently not built.

We make sure you have the appropriate documentation, organised correctly when being submitted to our Spanish legal reclaims solicitors, which speeds up the process for UK and Irish clients. With this information the legal team in Spain will assess whether you can apply for a refund from the bank or caja with whom your funds were deposited. They will also ascertain what funds you can reclaim plus any interest due by the financial institution. If your application is successful, the Spanish legal system insists that the banks and cajas pay back the funds, plus a sum to cover annual interest. As many of the investments were made in the period from 2003 to 2008, the amount of recoverable interest can be significant. In general, it is enough to cover the amount of fees we require to take the case through the courts.

If you visit the APPLY NOW page it will show you the information and documents you need to apply for an off-plan payment refund from your Spanish bank.

If you are entitled to make a claim it will be taken on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis with all fees at our end taken as a percentage of the reclaimable amount.

There is a 15 year statute of limitations on this particular liability reclaim in Spain, so you need to act quickly to make sure that your claim is made on time.

Reclaim in Spain

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