Reclaim in Spain Ads

Reclaim in Spain Ads

You’re probably here because you’ve come across some Reclaim in Spain ads recently. If you paid for an off-plan property in Spain which was never built then you may well be due a full refund plus interest. These payments for off-plan properties are claimed back from the Spanish bank into which your funds were placed. This has nothing to do with the developer or agent who sold you the property. Here at Spanish we specialise in the recovery of funds via Spain’s Ley 57/68 (for a full description of Spain’s Ley 57/68 visit this link). Reclaim in Spain Ads

Reclaim in Spain ads are currently running on radio, TV and in print advertising in both the UK and Ireland. This is because there are a lot of people in both countries who stand to gain considerably from the ability to claim. Unfortunately, many of these people do not read the property sections of newspapers which have featured the ability to claim on numerous occasions. Hence the widening of the advertising spectrum to areas not traditionally associated with the property industry.

Reclaim in Spain Ads – What should I do Now?

Firstly, don’t delay if you feel you may be due a refund. There is a 15 year Statute of Limitations restriction for Ley 57/68 cases so it is important to act quickly.

Visit our Apply Now page or call now on either of the numbers above for a free analysis of your right to claim a refund.

If you wish to get started straight away simply send an email with Your Name in the Subject Line to:

Spanish Reclaim –

Make sure to clear the applicable email address in your Spam Filter. This automated email address works 24/7 so you can get started right away. This will send you a questionnaire and request necessary documents to assess your case. If you want a FREE CALLBACK, just include your phone number on the email.

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