Recovering Payments for Unbuilt Moroccan Property

In certain instances it is possible to reclaim payments paid for Moroccan developments, specifically those initiated by Spanish developers (there are a number of these along Morocco’s Mediterranean coastline to the north), under Spain’s Ley 57/68Recovering Payments for Unbuilt Moroccan Property

The principal requirement is that the money for the purchase was transferred into a Spanish bank account. Toward that end it is important that your documentation relating to payments is clear and we can link the transfers to a Spanish bank.

It is advantageous if you have a Spanish Bank Guarantee, as this can greatly assist the application process (it is difficult for the Spanish Bank to claim that it did not have a duty of care to its client if it backed the developer with a Bank Guarantee.) It is irrelevant if the bank guarantee is out of date, the fact that it exists is enough to make the bank liable. If you are not sure what a Bank Guarantee is then look at our post – What is a Spanish Bank Guarantee?

To apply for a refund of your Moroccan property payments right now simply send an email with Your Name in the Subject Line to

You will receive an email with a brief questionnaire to fill in. Make sure to clear the applicable email address in your Spam Filter. This automated email address works 24/7 so you can get started right away.

If you haven’t received your questionnaire within 15 minutes just send an email to and we’ll send on a copy.

Recovering Payments for Unbuilt Moroccan Property

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