Getting back Spanish Property Payments

Getting back Spanish Property Payments

Getting back Spanish property payments was a serious, and practically impossible, task until relatively recently. Then, with the advent of widespread use of Ley 57/68 (explanation of Ley 57/68) it became possible to make such a reclaim. The basic requirement is to be able to prove that payments were made into a Spanish bank account for the purposes of purchasing an off-plan property that was subsequently not built. If this can be done then the chances of making a successful claim are very high. Getting back Spanish Property Payments

Getting back Spanish property payments is not a very simple process, but with the right company making the application on your behalf it can be done. Make sure to choose a company like that has a strong track record of making successful claims. The good news is that the process, once you follow the rules, is almost 100% successful.

If you can contact one of the email links below we will provide you with a Questionnaire. If you fill this in and provide copies of the documents requested on it (contract & transaction details mainly) then we can carry out a FREE assessment of your case.

Once your documentation has been processed we can streamline the process so that you do not have to visit Spain to take a successful claim.

Don’t wait, contact the experts straight away. There is a 15 year statute of limitations on this claim, so there is no time to waste.

Deposit Recovery – Quick Start

If you wish to get started straight away simply send an email with Your Name in the Subject Line to either:

Spanish     or    Moroccan

Make sure to clear the applicable email address in your Spam Filter. These automated email addresses work 24/7 so you can get started right away. This will send you a questionnaire and request necessary documents to assess your case.

Getting back Spanish Property Payments

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