Fernando Salmeron Spanish Deposit Reclaim

Fernando Salmeron Spanish Deposit Reclaim

If you are searching for Fernando Salmeron Spanish deposit reclaim then you may very well have read Tina Marie O’Neill’s recent article in Ireland’s Sunday Business Post.Fernando Salmeron Spanish Deposit Reclaim

We have been involved with Spanish solicitor, Fernando Salmeron, in a range of cases involving UK and Irish clients. We have helped Fernando in his case for English football legend, Sir Geoff Hurst. Along with this we have assisted with Fernando’s Irish and UK clients as their liaison with the Spanish office.

Fernando has just returned to Spain from a visit to Ireland to meet with a number of clients. One in particular, has just had a successful case against Abanca and will shortly receive money from the bank. This purchase was in Royal Marbella (now Royal DUJA), a company against whom Fernando has considerable experience.

Fernando Salmeron has also been taking cases for Spanish Reclaim for purchases in Morocco from Fadesa (now Excelia). He has had a number of successful cases against Spanish bankers for Moroccan property, which is quite unusual.

If you want to contact Fernando Salmeron you can do so directly at fernando@bufetesalmeron.com or you can drop us a line on info@SpanishReclaim.com.

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