How Reclaiming Spanish Property Payments Works

How Reclaiming Spanish Property Payments Works

This is a very short explanation of how reclaiming Spanish Property payments works.

1. Ring us or send an email to or, depending on where the property was to be built. Add your phone number if you wish us to contact you to discuss your case. These automail email addresses will immediately reply with a questionnaire, requesting copies of some documents (contracts, transactions, court rulings, etc.) so we can assess your case.How Reclaiming Spanish Property Payments Works

2. Our UK/Irish office will review your questionnaire and documents, contacting you if we require further information or documentation.

3. Your documents are sent to Spain for assessment. We will revert with your options once your case has been examined by our Spanish solicitors. Not all cases can be taken, normally due to incomplete documentation, property completion or untraceable/undocumented transactions.

4. Once you are happy to proceed we will furnish you with an Engagement Agreement (client contract) along with a Spanish Power of Attorney to allow the Spanish office to request original documentation in Spain on your behalf during the court proceedings. The Power of Attorney needs to be signed at your closest notary (there are notaries around the country, you’ll find your closest office here – UK or Ireland). It also needs to be sent to the Spanish Embassy or Foreign Office/Department of Foreign Affairs to be authorised. We will send details on how to have this done.

5. Your case is monitored and managed through the court system in Spain. This can take anything from 9 to 18 months depending on the bank against which the case is being taken and whether it appeals the decision or not.

6. Once the case is successful we will be in contact to return your money to you, less payment of our fees.

That’s it. The process is pretty straightforward when compared to the morass of paperwork and frustrating legal cases often undertaken by clients prior to making a Ley 57/68 claim (Click here to find out more about Ley57/68 cases in Spain).

How Reclaiming Spanish Property Payments Works

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